CONTACT: Alessio Stracci



REGION: Marche

AOP/IGP: Marche IGP; Offida DOCG; Rosso Piceno Superiore DOP; Rosso Piceno DOP; Falerio DOP

ABOUT: The "Stracci" family has a secular agricultural tradition. The brothers Lino and Fabrizio relying on this tradition founded the farm San Filippo on 1999. These were hard times for grape growers, because of a fall in grape prices. For this reason the two brothers decided to stop underselling the result of their hard work. In fact they invested the savings of a life in a winery (2003). They placed it in their territory of origin: the "Ciafone", where there are hills full of vineyards. In this territories -in municipal district of Offida- were born promising wines like Passerina and Pecorino.
From the beginnings (2001) the owners believed on organic farming as a mean of natural beauty preservation of their territories. The green manure to avoid soil erosion as well as vineyard attention without chemical agents are fundamental factors for coexistence of man with nature. Today the farmland covers a surface of 50 hectares (120 acres), free of agrochemical trap. As a family, they are able to realize all the processing steps by themselves, beginning with the meticulous care of the vineyards to harvesting and a careful winemaking processes to the bottling of the various types of products.

STAND REPRESENTATIVE: Alessio Stracci (Export Manager)




ADDRESS: Contrada Ciafone 17/A, Offida, Marche / AP 63073 Italy

PHONE: 0736 889828


CERTIFICATION: Organic Certification CCPB - IT BIO 009


“Lupo del Ciafone” Offida Rosso DOCG 2014
“Zì Zò” Offida Passerina Passito DOC 2012
“Katharsis” Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC 2015
“Vi’ Munn” Marche Bianco IGT no sulfites added 2016
“Vi’ Munn” Marche Rosso IGT no sulfites added 2016
Offida Pecorino DOCG 2016
Offida Passerina DOCG 2016
Falerio DOC 2016
Rosso Piceno DOC 2016
Marche Chardonnay IGT 2016
Marche Merlot IGT 2016
Marche Syrah IGT 2016