CONTACT: François-Laurent Paoli



REGION: Provence Corse

AOP/IGP: Cru AOC Patrimonio (Corsica)

ABOUT: The Estate founded in 1912 was thought with one sole ambition, build an Estate where man, agriculture and nature are in harmony to produce the best wine from rich soil. A vineyard of four hectares engraved in the middle of an estate that combines maquis, oaks and olives groves and makes the terroir of Campo Maggiore.
The combination of atmospheric moisture and sea breeze bestows the vines with a moderate but regular hydric nutrition as well as protection and ventilation. This allows for the rigorous practice of organic farming and to achieve the perfect balance among soil, vines and environment. The Estate was the pioneer of organic agriculture in Corsica and is proud to have been granted the earliest certification of organic vineyard in the island. All of the above allows us to produce the best “terroir wine”. The vines, with an average age of thirty years, are hand worked and hand shaped. There has never been any pesticides or insecticides on this virgin land. It is naturally organic. The only treatment that we apply is sulfur by hand on each vine (no pulverization and no copper) once to twice a year. Thanks to our own policy we manage to bottle the pure taste of this singular landscape and produce the Grand Blanc. We are currently working with Lydia and Claude Bourguignon to increase even more our quality.

The Grand Blanc is an exclusive vintage 100% vermentino. Its Vermentino expression is particularly complex and mineral which is a sign of the greatest fine wines. It is produced to about 6000 numbered bottles per year. The Grand Blanc is riddled with a golden colour. Seductive and very intense in the nose, it develops floral aromatic notes of white flowers like hawthorn. The dry fruits aromatic bouquet reveals all the abundance of the Campo Maggiore Terroir that will sweep you off your feet. This wine produces a unique tension between the freshness of Maquis herbs on the palate and the salinity end that lengthen the flavour. It is the true reflection of the Campo Maggiore Terroir.

We are present in the best restaurant worldwide including Alain Ducasse*** au Plaza Athénée, le Meurice**, Le Mirazur** de Mauro Colagreco, La Réserve* Genève, La Cave du Palais de Justice in Geneva, Manor Geneva, in Dal Pascador in Mantova amongst others.

STAND REPRESENTATIVE: François-Laurent Paoli : Owner
Stéphanie Bernal : Commercial Director




ADDRESS: Campo Maggiore, Marine de Farinole, Farinole, Corsica 20253 France





Grand Blanc 2014
Rivage de Farinole Rouge 2014
Rivage de Farinole Rouge 2015
Rivage de Farinole Rosé 2015
Rivage de Farinole Rosé 2016