CONTACT: Andreas Seyberth


COUNTRY: Germany

REGION: Rheinhessen


COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Ecological Wines – with respect for nature!

Our vineyards are located in the charming landscape of the “Rheinhessische Schweitz”, the land of the “thousand hills”.

Organic farming is the foundation of the Seyberth winery and has expanded to the
rules of biodynamic agriculture in 2016.

To manage the basics for our high quality grapes, we focus on the moon phase and use biodynamic preparation.

In addition to that, with a multilayered gardening management we are creating a habitat for insects of all kind. Cultivating lavender and taking care of old drywalls.

In our vineyards the ripe grapes are hand harvested and with the “ingredient” of time carefully vinified.

The quality and taste of our wines are not determent by technology or chemicals.

Far from industrial products, the talent of our winemaker, the soil and weather are the key to produce wines for the expert. Authentic, dense, individual and distinctive by our terroir.

In one of our growing areas “Siefersheimer Heerkretz” we are cultivating small vineyards, that were deserted for years. These vineyards are of special interest to our winery, because the majority ofwork is done by hand, which is essential to ensure quality efforts.

Our vines are vegan, we use no animal products such as gelatin or egg whites for filtering.

STAND REPRESENTATIVE: Andreas & Alexandra Seyberth


BIODYNAMIC: Yes, in conversion


ADDRESS: Sandgasse 8, 55599 Siefersheim, Rheinland- Pfalz Germany

PHONE: +49 06703 705




2016 Silvaner Heerkretz„Elexier“ Lagenwein
2016 Silvaner Heerkretz Lagenwein
2017 Riesling HeerkretzAuslese fruchtsüß Lagenwein
2017 Siefersheimer Silvaner Ortswein
2016 Neu-Bamberger Riesling Ortswein
2016 SiefersheimerWeißer Burgunder Ortswein
2017 SiefersheimerBlanc de Noir Ortswein
2015 Saint Laurent Ortswein
2015 Frühburgunder Ortswein
2017 SiefersheimerSilvaner Gutswein