It is in the heart of some winemakers that the spirit of LavauxVinBio was born. Each of them has a solid experience in vine growing in Lavaux; acquired with their own tools and their unique know-how. But it is above all their heart that unites them. Committed to common values, they have great respect for the land agriculture and the vineyards.

What LavauxVinBio offers is absolutely unique; a craft by pure essence, on a human scale, a particular care given to the quality ... This quality is acquired only in their vineyard, in the middle of a vivified ground and naturally healthy plants. Each of them encaves and vinifies his own crop; an additional guarantee of human value.

These winemakers are pugnacious and inventive. They are determined in their approach, despite the difficulties represented by organic viticulture in the rugged land of Lavaux. No big mechanics to the rescue, but ideas, patience, courage and manual work. 

BiowinExpo applauds them and welcomes them to the show with pride.

They are seven passionates men:

Jean-Christophe Piccard - Domaine Piccard -

Pierre Fonjallaz - Domaine Pierre Fonjallaz -

Pierre André Jaunin

Gérald Vallélian - Domaine des Faverges -

Blaise Duboux - Domaine Blaise Duboux -

Charles Rolaz - Les Domaines Rolaz, HAMMEL - Terres de Vins -

Gilles Wannaz - Domaine Wannaz -

…et le site du regroupement est

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